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10 production lines capable of supplying 10000 tons of powder per year


Gain the trust of customers all over the world


Obtained the core patent of powder manufacturing


Tongling Xinjia is an enterprise specializing in the production of copper powder,Ever since we started in 2009, our company has been using water atomization to create nonferrous, ferrous, and precious metal powders and send these all around the world. Today, these metal powders are being used as the raw materials for various precision parts and other components of automobiles……


Xinjia is a leading powder metallurgy metal powder manufacturer in the world. We focus on water atomization technology and produce various cost-effective metal powder products. The application of metal powder seems almost endless. Today, our metal powders are used in various fields such as brazing, pressing and sintering, surface coating, additive manufacturing, welding, friction, etc.


Suitable for the manufacturing of automotive components


Various sintering processes

Feature Of Water Atomization Method

We can manufacture mesh size and micron powders.

We can manufacture irregular and spherical powder.

We can manufacture alloy powder that can not manufactured by chemical method.

We can manufacture powders with recycle material.

We can manufacture powders at lower cost.


As always, a reliable and trustworthy partner
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Strong copper powder supplier, happy cooperation!

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