In The Past 15 Years

Focusing On Innovation In Metal Powder Technology

Xinjia Powder New Materials Company was established in 2008, focusing on the manufacturing of water atomized metal powders and providing various specifications of metal powder products

Discover some of our history milestones

In 2009, Anhui Xinjia Copper Industry Co., Ltd. was established;

In 2016, it was certified as a high-tech product;

In 2017, it was awarded the title of Top 50 Local Enterprises;

In 2018, Tongling Xinjia Powder New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established;Expand the Tongling Shizishan factory and build two thousand ton production lines;

In 2019, it was rated as a “specialized, refined, and special” new small and medium-sized enterprise in Anhui Province;

In 2020, it was rated as a “specialized, refined, and innovative” enterprise;Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 system certifications;

In 2022, awarded as a national high-tech enterprise;Certified by SGS

In 2023, Xinjia’s 32000 square meter new factory building will be put into use;Build 8 new automated production lines and put them into use